Paraffin Winter

I am going try and start something here every Monday and Friday I going post a link to a mp3 download story, which I have come across which I hope you take the time a hear for yourself, I am not making anything from pointing them out to you.
Its just that I spent the morning at Manchester Airport and saw so many people carrying huge books and hand held computers to entertain themselves on there way to were ever it was, all taking up room in bags and cases. Yet every one had some kind of Mp3 player and not only that but stories have a way of moving us that I don’t think you find from TV or a video game don’t

So here is the first one Paraffin Winter by Mr Peter Chowney

which can be found at

Paraffin Winter is a book about a murder, and is set in the South Coast UK town of Poole in the long, cold winter of 1963 and tracking down a killer. But it’s also about Britain in the early 1960s, about relationships, about social class, and about how everything was about to change as the 1960s unfolded
There are 27 flies altogether and an extra with Mr Peter Chowney talking a little about the e-book of the story and were to find it I do hope you do take the time to download it

Oh and by the way if there are any free mp3 book/stories/songs let me know I will post a link them

If you have done thank you for reading


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