Maybe Tomorrow

It has been a almost a year since I wrote anything here and even more since I put anything out on to the internet, So why now,
The simple answer is Miss Nicole Dieker, she wrote a blog (

All about how she doesn’t feel all that happy around Christmas time, how she was invited to parties over the holidays but there became to nothing, and as the rest of the world moves about and around her she feels as of she’s standing still, no matter how fast she runs.
But Nicole doesn’t need or ask for expressions of sympathy but I think she just needs to know that she not the only who feels this way, and its true I count myself as one, over the past 11 months things in my life have change, things which made me shut down for a while and take stock, but over the last six months I have slowly started be once again but not in the same way,
The only way I can explain it is playing a song over and over so you know so well it like breathing in and out then hearing a new version someone else playing all the right notes but in right order yet but as Christmas draws closer I find myself being pulled back once again feeling as if I should just shut down and hide away.
Yet as I write this I know there are people all over the world and in my country who are worse off than me over this Christmas time.
So maybe tomorrow the little black clouds will lift and the sun will shine a day can only last 24 hours and for most of that your sleep anyway.

If you did thank you for reading and I hope you had good day and have a good night

P.S. If you do read this Nicole thank so much for the inspiration it was just want I needed


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