For NaNoWriMo

The following is a very rough start to a story I never got a handle on so I give it to you people to do with what you want

Harry pulled down on the heavy green blind down over the wide glass window of the book shop, carefully he stepped out and around the window display it was early closing time Friday afternoon, so Harry was the only one in the shop and his job to shut up for Mr Finn as he spent time at the with his mother.
Harry took one last look over the two floors of the shop then returned to the counter, pressing a few buttons on the till and opened the cash draw, he counted out the hand full of notes and coins which made up the sum of the morning sales.
He put them all in the money bag and sealed smiling. It had been like this for the last two year Mr Finn would count the money just before he left and then hand over the keys to Harry, An hour later Harry would lock up and post both the money bag and the key thought the door of the flat above the shop as he made his way home.
Harry pulled the same colour blind over the glass of the door then, stepped outside on the small street banging the door shut, he locked it then walked the few feet over to the flat door he pushed the money bag thought first and then the keys,
As he walked away there was a movement in corner of his eye but he took no notice, and headed for his bus and the end of the street. As he passed the side street there was a second movement and it was this that made Harry turn and look back, the whole back end of the street was lit up in white light,
Harry took a few steps back checking around to if he could see were the light was coming from but he couldn’t see any kind of spot lights. And just as quickly the light was switched off.
Suddenly the sky broke rain started to fall and there was nothing for it but to run for the bus.
There was as a crash of a bin lid hitting the ground a few seconds later as a small brown and cream cat moved its way toward the rubbish bags of the take away next door,
The next day Harry pushed up the door of the shop to see Mr Finn sat behind the counter as he always did but today there was a cat set curled up in one of the shelves in the desk,

Harry quickly went about taking the books out of the box and begin to put them in small piles of different sizes outside the window the sky grew a little darker so he stood up and switched on the light and was half way back over to his piles when the light bulb started to fizz and blink for a few seconds
Harry watched it then the light in the room grew almost blinding him, Harry shut his eyes against it and he looked away, just then he felt some thing like a static shock pass though him and something like a pair of hands grip at him,
“Hey want the…”
Harry was on the ground but not the floor of the shop but cobbles stone, Harry open is his eyes and saw the huge wood rafters of want he could only guess was a stable, he tried to sit up but his head hurt he felt the back of it there lump which was growing slowly,
He tried again but inch by inch on the other side of the stable was the shape of a man moving around some thing metal and shiny.
The man shape came up to Harry and he could see it was really a man dressed in a long brown robe only this man didn’t look or sound like any monk.
“See what you did, see”
He said waving a long sliver poll at him Harry tried to see what it was but the man quickly walked back over to the other side of the room.
Harry lifted himself up off the stone floor, it was indeed a barn all lit by three fire torches attached to the walls,
“Were is this place ?” Harry asked to the back of the mans head
The man didn’t say anything he was still working away on the machine there was a loud click and a few bleeps.
There done the man turned smiling,
“Now were that cat.”
Harry just stood there as the mad little man passed around the room looking for the cat.
“What did it look like “
“I don’t know a cat is a cat.”
The man stopped as if seeing Harry for the first time
“Were did you come from “
Harry looked around,
“Were did I come from, were did you come from.”
The man walked over the dark side of the room, looking for the cat. Harry walked over the machine, the whole thing looked like half a steam engine linked some how into what once had been a computer only this was sat on a set of five sliver polls each lit up one by one but went out again. Harry was just about to reach out with his right hand when the monk came back his hand away,
What did you do with it.
Hey hold on, you mad monk harry said taking him by the shoulders.
The monk tired to get away but Harry held him place,
Look, what the hell is happening here
The monk glanced around, and took a deep breath.
I am try to get this time machine to work so I can go home.
At this Harry let go of the monk and took a few steps back,
Your joking,
I never joke about my work young man.
Harry felt him knees give way once again and the monk walked back around to the machine his stopped himself from hitting his head on the stones by putting his hands out, it hurt as his prams touched the ground.
There was another feeling fresh air it was coming from some where behind his shoulder.
Suddenly Harry knew what had happen, he had fallen in the street and was in the warehouse next door that was all, he stood up and staggered a little toward it all he had to do was make his way and that would be the end of it, he eyes grew wide and he was able to see a little more, the was a small hall way, Harry felt a long it there was a door a wide wood door with bolt he drew it open and pushed open the door and the light flooded in it blinded him but did stop him from walking,
There was something wrong something very wrong with the outside,
Harry found himself stood in a clearing a few feet away there was trees huge fur trees the sunlight was having trouble making it on to the floor, Harry tried to take it all in he felt the dirt under his shoes he took a few feet forward but he just couldn’t move his knee gave way and he fell into heap at the threshold of the small stone cabin.


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