Sentimental Journey

Thanks to a new found You tuber called Snarke, I have found a more up beat thing to talk about that last night out burst (which is out there now so whatever)
And this how sentimental are you, I didn’t mean about book you read or movies you see, that’s you taking yourself down that road willingly. What I mean is if someone gives you something as a gift, Now I know most people will have something from there childhood, which you have been carrying around with you for years.
But I talking about is as grown up do you still add sentimentality to things in the same way Snarke use the example of have someone build her a computer it wouldn’t matter even that she was paying for it just wouldn’t feel like it belonged to her in the back of her mind it would still be his.
I guess it the same for me working / doing something for yourself needs more to you that have someone else did it,

If you want to see her You tube vlog go there


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