See what’s going on

So what have been doing for the last few weeks to truth is not much the world has carried on turning dispute people’s attempts to stop it, the rich get richer the poor get pooer and
God don’t answer prays a lot. Sorry my little joke.
Having spent the last two mouths not doing much of any well I been trying to write but I added to much new stuff to write around the old I find myself thinking of a new book more and more.

As I write this I am sat on the Metrolink heading into the city trying to find something spend my money which I made looking after the next door naybouries deaf dog, there is a poster just to the left of me a recurrent one just slotted in between a VW and heart cancer but this one is for Mi5, how nuts its that be a spy as if its just like working in a office will the truth is that what it is pushing paper reading code more John Le Carre than Ian flemming, we are almost in the city now Victoria will we be if the doors shut, Having spent the best part of three years trying to write about and not get any were I am not sure were to go next.

Having now spent my money I start the trip home the truth is now I don’t care very much for the DVD’s I now have it took a few hours to pick out what I wanted and all but even before I started to shop I bumped into someone I once worked with, the strange thing was I was nervous I talk to them a lot on facebook and twitter but to meet them again outside all that, I guess because the only people I see are from work its kind of nice to meet some of who doesn’t want something from you.

Ok that me waxing a little now for what is blog is really about and that is Vidcon which a happing which happens to take place on the other side of my world that is to say LA and as live in the UK you may ask yourself what does it have to do with me will short answer nothing long answer a little, I have been come aware of a few people who have gone the first being Josh Sunqusit the other being Ij and the last being a wonderful woman called Blue who is doing something amazing I did talk about it before so go see it.


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