Eight days a week – day eight

Day Eight

The last day and everyone is walking around half a sleep after last night but happy that it’s the last day the room we are working is all squared away.

The rain came back but the work carries on the teams are set the and the radio are working well there is only one wrinkle but that will work its self out

We start packing up all the stuff that we don’t need or what the funning is that no matter how much is carried out there is still to much in this room, the strange thing is that I don’t care

This set of blog was met to be eight day work on the Take That tour for 2011 a full run down of all the things that happen, but the truth is that all it became was more of piss into the wind railing about all the shit the management team lay on each other.

And for that I would like to say sorry but that’s all I have seen in last few days but now that all three bullshit has stopped I will start over.

From the third to the eleventh of June Take That played the city of Manchester stadium and our job as a company is to and was make sure that the people who come to the show enjoy themselves and do it a safe manner.

This is done by set up safe places for the public to move about in, we also set lines and barrios in the hope that we can control the times they try and bring in alcohol been one of the main things.

We not here to stop peel from having a good time its just that we what them to did it in a safe manner so most of the major entertrance we make lines so we can check bags and make sure people are in the right place.

It may not sound much may not sound very much but if like most here today you have never been before it had thing to do and for the last few days its been raining. So every one is wet even the staff not just a little one hell of a lot.

Its a quitter to five now and the people are making there way inside all in high sprits and a good frame of mind the Q’s are getting a little hey but that is to be exposed with weather but we are able to work it out.

Most of the the people are inside now that is to say that the q have become smaller and bars inside are now busy, soon it will be time for the pet shop boys to come on stage.

The late walk up has started is all I have to add at this Pont as most things I would wrote about today has been cleaned away even the set list which is really just a song sheet and only for Take Take.

Seven o’clock now so the crowd are have a good time having music being played to them in fact its the pet shop boys starting there set for the night

Yes it is and was the Pet shop boys there now about four songs in and as for us we are planing the rest of the night as the people who have been working on the outside are now being taken inside.

Take That will on in few minutes from now and the out of the ground is quite there only and hand full of people walking around late or just coming to hear the music even in this weather 8:15 and the count down has started

We’re getting towards the end and things aren’t going well it would appear that we are two radios short how this as happened is unknown to me as I was signing people in at the not handing them out.

Both the people I work say not to worry about but it we shouldn’t be losing thing at this stage I may not look as if I have been working but I know what goes on


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