Eight days a week – Seven

Day seven

Second to last day camp Take That are back watching as the team put out the barriers and we tidy up after last nights late ending and try to get everything ready of the real boss.

After last nights last finish I wait for the fallout to begin I wrote over the past few days about how there are three kinds of people in this company or at least I have tried, so will clarify the works that is to say the stewards the people carry out what is asked the supervisors the people who get orders and last the management but with in that there are the people who make up the orders to get it right and the people who make them up to look good, I try and not fall into any group Ok that’s not true and do a thing only if its of befit to someone eels but not because it just looks good

The doors are green the people are heading there is nothing much for us to do even and that was meant to take hours took a few minutes so the time will drag once again.

We have muffins some one brought a shed load of muffins in I was thing of doing something like for the last day, and to tell the truth I am very placed I didn’t it just looks sad,
No really it does like trying get something for doing something

Its get hard to keep at lest some of the halo from slipping as the day goes on my mind is slowly falling down and the back ups are kicking in that is to say I not watching what if anything I am saying,

Six o’clock half down half to go one part of our team is playing red light radio bingo as the selling of water carries on as plans are a foot for other jobs going on. All on the shoulders of the poor over worked real worker as she tries so hard to hold it all together

The brakes are starting now with everyone coming in and going out it kind of nice to have something to do at last, I do wish that things would run like this all the time.

The pet shop boys are on stage the weather is holding most of the staff are feed the are happy and don’t know the truth the management are falling and just biting at the only who are doing and will do any work but the public are safe as always.

The end is in sight so we almost on the home run but we can’t made go any faster its just like the first day all over again knowing what will happen next and hopping it move faster.

We have reached the point in the show were I switched off Robbie is on stage I don’t like the singer don’t like the band so that’s me standing up trying to pull my head back in to some kind of odder

the last few hours are always the hardiest too live thought planing and knowing want happens next yet it just doesn’t come quicker

So as the last song play’s and most of the people head home I wait thinking about the all little battles and silly jokes which are all part of the working day tomorrow will be my last blog of this kind and the truth is that in end is all about making people happy and showing them a good time.


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