eight days a week – day six

Day six

The sun is back and the barrios are being built once again so the question is how long will the weather will hold out, what I did work out in the day I have off is the whole job is a no win scenario, whatever we do or what we don’t things never work out with out some ending up pissed off.

The game begins a new trying to look as if we doing work even when the next lot of staff aren’t in until 2 and then there is only handful, the other thing about to is that we’re on our own that is to say our boss may or may not make it for when the rest of the staff sign in Lets see what happens shall we

All signed in all the ducks in a row so what happens next it that we wait for the doors to go green, it been Friday staff family’s are here so that be comes a little fun to add to the mix.

In a little time I will play numbers with radios just for something to do, and this time I will do without the pen and paper, all 60 radios so once again the world is all happy and smiley

It sounds as if the doors have gone green and teams will slip into gear all understanding there job and carrying it out to the best of there ability.

It has now become a running battle with the turn stays playing up is kind an metaphor for how we all feel at this point two days left of a eight day stretch, the thing just needs a good kick up the ass and everything will be ok

All quiet as magermemt are feeling like everyone else on the way out sleepy and brain dead so it looks like the rest of the days will be peaceful.

Brake time and lots of little are getting people down why they don’t have something or understand what’s is going on its not just management is everyone its getting to the end of the run so its all the little things that over the last few days were just that’s see what next have now become why hasn’t this or that been fixed

I only have three bars left on my phone so I may not have time to write full night and truth is unless the whole thing blows up or one Take That fall off stage things will run petty much in the same why have for the past six nights only half an hour as they what to come on in the dark of the DVD.

So as Robbie takes to the stage once again using same old jokes in the way things kind of follow the same paten so that’s that

the helicopter over head is being drown out but the crowd as they head out home in cold I once wait for radio’s to come back in the slim hope that I will heading home before half 12.

It a strange feeling sitting waiting as the world around me slowly takes its leave being on the out side it all, over and above it at the same time, It takes a hell of work to be an outsider but at what cost has become the question


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