Eight days a week – Day four

Day four

And the lights went out ok that’s not true there back on but is took two cable ties and half an hours messing about We didn’t touch or brake it the strip light just fell taking the metal cover with it, watching someone try and fail to make the light first time even those I told how we fixed the other just goes to show that even if you know how do a thing there is always someone who think there have all the answers

Its a numbers game today with the change of time and the whole q thing yesterday but in the end it all works out but the problem is that the watt it works, people are moved around to much and the numbers are all in the air until the gates open

I keep thinking about yesterday I didn’t much of anything wrote a little watched DVD’s and felt sleepily all the time just letting the day slip by and wishing for more time but here now today here sit on my own with nothing to do my mind full with things I could do knowing it will take a week even work out what happens next or to even start

So the light broke again and as I in here it was my fault but as I was trying to sell water I don’t see how, other people’s bags aren’t my problem put in the right place it not fault if they don’t put them back.

That sounds as if care but like most things were no one get hurt I couldn’t give toss what does piss me off a little is the silly sad little the joke’s about taking it out people’s wage I have wide sense of hourmer but if I was anyone else they would just lost another employee

The boys are on stage the crowd are screaming there heads and the barriers are being taken away so it a chose between doing a four day old crossword or trying to write, that sounds as if all I have done is sat on my ass but I have been playing tea boy once again and all other little jobs.

Simple math working out who has whom hasn’t got a radio for the third time just for the hell of it as the police search for what they could be a body, which may or not been real.

Maybe I have been working here to long or I a totally different set of rules because the woman I work for works her backside off beg and brewing stuff just to keep this whole thing going yet when the management come in she’s and I quote the logistics girl it may have been a joke but you just don’t do it She works as hard if not harder yet the two fat over the hill morons have to make it sound as all she does is file bits of paper

Now its the end of the show I watch as the people fuelled by want little alcohol is left in there system make there way home I wait for the radios to come in once again.

Over your radio the management are now almost scream because they’re having trouble understand their own plan.


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