Eight days a week – Day three

Day three
And the rain came it started last night, which carried on, into the day light of today. A handful of people sit with me on the Metrolink at 8.30 no shopping this time just heading to work or still sleepy from the night before.

I am not any better myself just about able to put one foot in front of the other powder only by the cup of coffee and my shear bloody mindedness to get to work for 11.30

Queens Park on a Sunday mooring is a nice place to be having the time to walk around it and take in the stillness in the heart of city is a very fine thing as you can guess for this bit I made it to work with an hour too spare.

Its very strange I walked off the Metrolink station and almost some poor person sleeping rough all curled up hiding in a old Duvall cover alone letting the world pass them by and now as I make way around the sight is repeated only this by middle woman in lawn chairs and sleeping bags each one sharing there life stories with anyone will pass by

12.00 and the staff start signing in and so the day begins as fix a broken light was broken even before we got here

Everyone is once again signed in numbers work out and most people are happy all been given jobs and rain macs the only thing to do sit waiting for the next thing to happen,

Which happens to be the mixing of q as people try and hide from the rain joining just for the fun of join or in misguided idea that they know better that us.

I had a talk with some this mooring about facebook and what you can and can’t say about the company it turns out what I am doing get fired, and the only resin that people on there is to spy on others.

And to tell the truth I couldn’t care less if get fired I get fired well so be it but it will be saying something I want to.

As we wait to find out why the doors aren’t opening turns out that the one of the huge screens needs checking after the rain came as the gates open the population all clap and smile

After all that we still have problems people walking around and around thinking that they know how the whole thing sold run.

As time marches on and once again Take That walk on the stage for the opening number we all start to relax a little more and plan once again for the end of the show

Now as the reports are written and plans are made I try a look as if I have working all day which I have been but having everything worked out to minute its hard to do

It has now become guess want’s in the room as there a
Few large boxes in the room with a very odd name as draws ever closer to ten and the rain comes down I am thankful that its the last day of the first three

Now we have sign as the roof of the of room gets lower as the deeper you get in which no one will take a blind bit of notices of but it was something for them to do as brodnemt creeps slowly in

So that was the end of th day and once again we have the buses to work out the counting of the radios will have to wait just that little bit longer


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