Eight days a week – Day Two

Day Two
So here are again only this time its 10:45am there still small group of people milling around the place carrying folding chairs a weeks worth of sandwiches who’s job its to put out the lines there some what made harder by people who will sit by the gates for next few hours.
By the way after yesterdays blog I am going to make this a little more just the facts. So you have been told

Right now this what is happing from nine this morning a team of 12 have been moving around the stuam put up small six lines for checks and bag searching. Which has to be one of most pain in the ass jobs moving them about then having them being pulled about all day.

So what I want I am doing when is all going folding paper copies of rough guides which was fun, no I do mean it something realign to kick off the day always helps.

Sat here now watching the mangers work out there allocation for each side of the towers and the enteric ways and helped bring in more water, so we wait for staff to come the calm before the storm

Have sign in both set of staff now some start at three others start at four I guess I should give the run down on the show.

It begins with the pet shop boys at 7.00 to 7.35 and the Take That 8.30 to 10.30 it may not sound very much but that’s the show in a nut shell and it also sounds as if as simple as shelling peas but it takes at lot man power even to work out how many people will be needed

So as I make my thought folding a box of rough guides and the people who have been waiting all day it make they way inside the sun has come out warm them all.

Brake time more water selling clever people have there own food sit and eat while chatting about all kinds of things crazing things, but most keep their heads down eating

As the walk up becomes slower and slower we change from making sure that people are getting in and making sure they now each have space in which to stand, dance or whatever

So as the pet shop boy’s take to the stage and weather rolls in is getting a little intents each member of staff planing the end of the show which will real soon.

Eight o’clock and the rain is coming in as the crowd still in high sprits watt for the boys to walk on stage only the second day and people are being to slip in to there real faces

8.30 and I here sat not don’t much of anything having made sure we have the right amount of radios for the end and putting things back in the right place having heard all the stories and the rest

The sun goes down and the lights come on and yet more planing and talking most of which is all hot air even for one of the bosses home time can’t come sooner but being on the to sleep doesn’t mean that we will take our eye off the ball.

As we come to the end of yet another day the band play there last few songs we get ready to count back in the radies I hope that tomorrow will bring a little more fun

Well we now have make sure that people are able to get on a bus and go home so we wait for the radio’s to return.


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