Eight days a week – Day One

I haven’t wrote a blog in a few weeks so I must make amines for that so over the next eight days I intend to tell the story of the eight Take That concerts at the city Manchester stadium . The will be made up from the notes that I will take over the shifts. I will try and cover everything I see and hear and if I can even show pics. Also most of the entrees will post around one o’clock GMT and as such there will spelling mistakes and even the odd swear word.

Day One 11:35 am
Sitting the Metrolink with all the other people each trying to make the most of there time off some carrying shopping spending money they don’t on things they don’t need, others just having a day out. One or two look at me with my big heavy work coat as the sun is high in the sky, think I am mad but know that later it will be cold.
Prestwich is coming up next the Metrolink is still buy the child behind me still haply making noise but the old person keeps taking side ways looks at the younger generation as they wear almost nothing to go out in the sun.
So I made it after walking the main road up the stadium its amazing the amount of car parks that suddenly appear to cash in on people who make a day of it or the pubs who welcome on bender knees the pasting trade.
Even the stadium has taken on another life some how small little pens have been set up so people don’t end up in wrong place having spent good money to see them.
As you may have guessed I have some what a love hate thing about all this I grew up with the rise and fall of them so many of the people in crowd will be my own age each trying to hold on to there younger self, sometime that’s a good thing but there is fine line all to do with the amount of alcohol pumping though there vines at different stages of the evening.
You maybe be asking yours self why I haven’t talked about my job just well truth is I don’t have one just yet and I can guess
Well I was wrong I am spending the whole eight days filling paper work and fielding dumb questions in what once was some kind of storage room with very low headroom.
If anyone can explain too me how we can give 160 odd coats back to the people who they belong to when all the coats look the same

Doors open people all heading inside all running for there lives trying to get good view of the stage even when the damm thing is foully foot high. So here sit hearing the click, click of turn style waiting to run yet another errand for a member of staff who’s any things that can’t be taken in the ground.

Now were selling waters to members of staff 40p a bottle what a joke some years it’s been free only because the sun came out and the pet shop boys came on. We started the day with 10 boxes with 24 bottles in them now I only count six

Half past 7 and the night comes slowly in and the sun goes down yet the bottles are still selling so here I sit as we work out how much they have made.

Now the war stories start sorry sod that its become a food order well its good for the soul to play tea boy now and then but only now and then.
And as Take That walk on to the stage my hands are full of brown Mac doles order to feed the faces of the heads of staff.

As the band play with the sun going down we talk about want will or won’t happen at the end. In the last few minutes one by one have come in for there coats as the wind starts up once again

With the night drawing in the public face of most of the staff starts to fall apart people are starting to run off at the mouth of play games which a few hours ago would drive a five year old kid crazy

We are well into the arse end of the show and the radio brakes into life every few seconds trying to work out how to get the people in safe and happy maner and to tell the truth is going very well, so all in all the first day has gone very well. Half ten at night and the people who paid to see the show are happy and as the other pack up the barrios and the people make there way home The world is so what peace


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