And the silence falls

In the last three days two people from the world of TV, entertainment call it what you will, died one a actress the other a writer, each in there own way shaped the world we now find ourselves in.
I bet there aren’t many people who haven’t seen or heard some use the word ‘lovely jubbly’ or look at three wheel van with out smiling, for others hearing the words ‘Mr Smith your needed, ‘ the sound of a sonic lipstick without feeling something
Both these people just did what they did because it was right and not ego they opened something inside us all, for old and young alike I write this having seen the work of both of them at different and each time it has moved me in way I can’t even start to write about, then I look at the world and cry not for my self but for the people who won’t see or hear.
Some one me today would have been William Shakespeare birthday and that got me thinking we remember him so why can’t we remember John Sullivan and Elisabeth Sladen in the same way for without them the world wouldn’t have been the same, You may think I am mad to put them on such a high ideal but all you have to do is look around and see what impact they had


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