The legacy of Miss Elisabeth Sladen

Yesterday I did I a cut and paste entry on Miss Elizabeth Sladen who played Sarah Jane Smith in the british TV show Doctor Who
Now that got me thinking how she had touched countless generations over the years when she first to on the role in the 1970’s and then again when Russell T Davies, brought her back to Doctor Who and then in her own show The Sarah Jane Adventures on CBBC.
As Sarah Jane she was our way into the world around us, she shown the us the world could be ours for the taken, that why is feels as if we have lost a true member of the family,
In the world of Sifi that’s how it works I guess, it’s the people that make the stories come a live even if the stories about space people from Mars. and that’s what Miss Sladen did for us all and not only just in the world of Doctor Who but in the theatre and will do so as long as people are in love with Doctor Who she will live forever


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