To hell with being a grown up…

After watching a week worth of children’s TV I have to ask what the hell happen ? So of what I have seen is very good and if I was a child I would be very happy to rush home each day and sit in front of.
But there are other things which just make so mad, want I call third wheel shows things I grew up watching but now have been twisted and messed so much that want it really meant has been lost and just fonder.
Take Postman Pat in my day it was a small village and just one man, now it a all singing and dancing high Tec mush, and worse than that the old idea has been use to sell glasses making a mockery of my childhood, its not even Mr Pat used to push stuff but not only him the Mr. Men to for the same company. Ok I grew up the first lot tie-ing, action fingers, books and even videos Yes I really am that old. But what were stuff that was sold it was true to the idea of the show, not turned into a joke that only one person thinks cute or funny just to make money.
Now I shall prove my point a little more in the last few days Hollywood has jumped on the band wagon. They are to make Agatha Christie’s beloved Miss Marple, film with a 30 year old woman in the lead role Jennifer Garner not only that but set it in New York, so that’s that,
Now I am not down on all the re-imaging I grew up with the BBC’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and when I when I saw the film it was better than that so that’s the other side of that coin.
But to get back to my point the people who grew up watch the same show I did as child are now messing with them and to me that’s wrong a childhood is a important thing and it should be want it should be filled with tales of wonder happy memories not to be made into some grown up muck.


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