Meet the new boss same as the one

And the sun came out I once again sit here outside the City ground waiting to start work over last week of so things have changed a little the death of my grandfather being the main one, the funeral having been last Monday its still hard for some, As a child went to Roman catholic primary school and then a high school but over the course of it all I never truly believed in god never felt the way other people told me I should, in the end I came to the idea that there is no god of any kind that is not say there is no religion,
there are two different things religion is to believe in something or someone to the point that is the only thing you think about and measure your life by, but god is really a figure head a example of how to live.
But like I said having seen both in my 29 years on this earth I just don’t buy into it, first people let themselves died because they religion say that they can’t do a thing or take something to make them well, life is worth fighting so why just let go of it so easy.
So god, people use him as an excuse to carry out the most evil things you can ever thing of or worse prosecute those who don’t believe or question there actions.
Life on this earth is a wonderful thing each day someone learns something new how the power to be anything. But I do understand way people believe both for good and ill to be a part of something greater than ones self have that hope for when you leave your body they will be something or someone there.

But what dose this have to do with the city ground well people say that football is the new religion so that makes the players god right, Now if you believe that then your as worse as the people who believe in the stuff I said before.
The men on that field are just men flesh and blood just like the people who spend there money on them to watch, once maybe they played for the love of the game but not now is all about the money, so if your god believe in money more that anything he has feet of sand.
Now the rest, in the same way people die for they religion people go the same length’s for they football team, I can no longer count the times growing up that there was headline in the newspapers about how a hand full of people took it on themselves to beat the shit of the other side, and how one by one the football grounds became no more that pens to keep them locked in.

We are meant to be living in lighten times but just like real religion there are people who hate you the second you tell them what football team you believe in
Or never have a nice word to say about anyone other than there team take today’s match Chelsea v. Man City I know a person who just doesn’t support Chelsea but at the end of the match jumped up and down in celebration as City lost and spent the last few hours being unkind about the whole team.
But on the other hand I know of another person who supports Utd. But will keep there mouth shut and feel a little sorry of the team and just enjoy the football for what it is a game and not jumping off point to spend hate


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