Time to put down the toys

I look back at the last days of this new year and what I see brakes my hart, one by one we tear each other down with guns and bombs, and for what to have control over other people just so we feel better about ourselves.
Well sham on you all even when someone stands up and tries to stop the hate they get shouted down over and over, to the point were the bullshit win.
Its we took a stand and put away the our hate and the toys of war and not jump on the first person who offers us an easy answer, For there are no easy answer to the hard question, we are now faced with
Each day you are going to meet someone who is better off that you and someone who is not and I hope that you can treat them both in the same way as an equal, after all we are all human and in the end all we have left is our humanity

As always thank you for reading, Hope you all had a good day and have a good night


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