Audio Cast No1

Hello again, and welcome to my second audio blog, as I said in my last, my name is Martyn James and that I hope that this well became a weekly inside in the world around me, it may seem odd that I both write and talk but it makes it easier for you to understand.
So were should I to start, nice and free places to visit on the internet, Podcasts or mp3’s for all kind of players, Decoder Ring Theatre a few people who have read my blog know I have talked about them before but I can’t think of any were better to start, they have three kind of shows one is the red panda a set of story’s in the style of the Batman or the shadow, only a lot more entreating the second Black Jack Justice a private eye, think Sam Spade only with female sidekick, the last is more of a group of tales written by members of the cast or friends, Why did I pick them to start well there in the style of old time radio so there easy to jump in and follow,
The next not sure much because there are old time radio shows with radio crackle and even the ad, and their web site is their follow suspense and escape now the hook many of the people in them are old Hollywood movie stars and mean stars, Mickey Rooney and James Stewart even Gene Kelly so you may find you like there, unlike the other place I haven’t heard all the stories but want I have are good, oh by the way can down load everything for free and you don’t need i tunes or any other kind of software.
But having said that DTR do ask for donations which do came with some benefits, so its up to you. Well that’s all for now so to borrow from Robert Llewellyn
“if you have been thanks for listening”


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