Tony Curtis and Sir Norman Wisdom

Tony Curtis and Sir Norman Wisdom for those people who don’t know who they were shame on you,
But for those who did our world get just a little bit darker, both men gave themselves too us the public making us laugh and cry in equal measure, Without all the flash and bang of the new kind of star, they did it with a look or they eyes they lead us into a world or wonder and magic,
I find myself thinking about there real lives
Tony Curtis was born in Manhattan to an immigrant Jewish tailor from Hungary and spoke Hungarian at home, He defied stereotype in 1968 to take the title role in The Boston Strangler. For The Defiant Ones, with Sidney Poitier, Curtis earned his only Oscar nomination in 1958.
Sir Norman Wisdom grew up on the street when he was nine and his violent, drunken father abandoned him and his brother Fred. He was a particular favourite in Albania. During the height of the Cold War, the country’s Stalinist rulers decreed that his films were politically acceptable It allowed their subjects a taste of the West and Sir Norman was mobbed when he visited the country to be awarded the Freedom of Tirana
So each man had huge highs and low in there lives but because of that they will live forever as long as we remember them and for those who don’t I want you to do one thing for me rent, buy or borrow a copy of the following two films I don’t care if it takes weeks or even years to track them down just do it

The Defiant Ones

Trouble in Store


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