Internet Footprints

Five days with and without my computer as I slowly watch as the programming rips itself a part trying so hard just to carry on. That sounds grand and pompous but having had my computer for 16 years I don’t care to much and this time I am going to let it die no more recover.
No more turning back the drivers just to hold it together one last time, I have backed everything up so it not likes starting over. It may seem odd to a lot of people to write a blog about the end of my computer but I guess its a little more than that. You see my back ground was and has always been computers, I have countless NVQ and GNVQ’s to prove it.
I even set up a company with and friend but a tiny fish in the sea of giants don’t last very long. So I do know what I am talking about, it was somewhere to hide to get me out in the bullshit of the world
But over time my writing became more me and the more I wrote the more at peace I found myself…

I wrote that four days ago now I wait for my new laptop (which I should Friday sometime hopefully) having the spent the best part of two days reprogramming and reinstalling things my old PC. So the other people in the house can use one last time,
To use an almost ten year old skill feels as if I was somehow watching someone else doing it step by step form the formatting and the broad drivers, Funny now I come to think about it was like going back the arena after such a long time only this time the only person I had to prove anything to was myself but no bullshit no one trying to screw you over, Ok that not fair one or two people aren’t anything like that
Writing this blog on a computer which only a few days ago had all my stuff on and it seems as if I am walking over a beach and having the sea come in and wash the footprints away in just a few seconds, I can’t think of a better way of saying,
I bet you didn’t even miss me but I guess whole internet is like that footprints in the sand joining facebook or twitter and the rest but not making any impact the only real impact we can make is on the other side of the screen in the real world for the people around us.
Do something just because you can and not because you feel an oblation to or you think your going to get something out of it.
Because in the end just like my hard drive it can formatting and deleted so for what God you may or may not believe in do something that counts


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