Something better than T.V.

After yesterdays out burst you may not what to read anymore of my blogs and to tell the truth I not sure I would I did it really to prove a point about facebook and places like its all about showing off or bitching about how shit you feel life has been or worse than that joining a group that hates but not understanding why. Now I will prove my point a few mouths ago someone started a group which named a killer in a child murder case and over about the members hit ten figures and the truth was it was bullshit the person who made the group just picked someone out the phone book and made there life hell is was only when the police became involved did someone even question what was going. So that proves that all people want to do is spread evil in the world just for the hell of it.
Right then that’s the bullshit groups taken care now for people who use twitter for ads or just keep posting the same point less thing over and over just so there get people to see then.
Twitter is more than that last week Sheridan Smith lost her dog Enid but with help from the people who follower her and radio One’s Chris Moyles she was able to get her back. Now you may think so what a lost dog is a lost dog but I have seen it used of other to anyone who watched the BBC North West news with understand. Jason Manford was able to tell Gordon Burns he was unable to make a interview in the end thanks to twitter Jason Manford creates a new word!!! He named our special session for Twitter a twinterview!
Right then as I am all about using the internet for good news I should really past some on Decoder Ring Theatre I have talked about them before only little mind but there are very good and have new web page so I have done it again if you don’t like Canada radio shows there are a few English radio show first one being a Doctor Who one now most of the them were written long before the T.V. show came back so most of them don’t fit in the world Russell T Davies made, but I think there fun anyway.
If you have of a darker side there is the darker audio drama company who make a lot of there own shows so go take a look


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