Three day Holiday –

Monday morning find me not at my desk working or even watching my DVD’s in fact I am sat at one of the many tables of the Let’s Eat Cafe a wonderful place half way between Hey-on-Wye and home which I will not see for the next three days. What else can I say I could turn this into a road map on how too get there but I don’t think that would be right some how there lots of ways too get there but what I will do is after eating

Many hours and a few wrong turns thanks too a mad sat-nav we have made it, So want can I tell you about the place well for a start I had my spelling wrong is Hay-on-Wye not want I had put in my last blog. Well there are more book shops here that there Starbucks in Manchester each buying and selling all manner of books, new old small big any kind and style you care to name. There are two or three pub here some take guests other by the looks of the don’t, I am staying at the Old Black Lion a wonderful family run place and very welcoming set back from the main road so I can count on one hand the amount of cars that pass my window in a hour, I share my room with a bear who sits by the window and ask nothing of me, there is a TV to but I will not switch it on as I have no need of it and my friend bear has not asked for it. The peaceful feeling away from the sounds and noise of Manchester may not be want most people want from a holiday here so my advice is don’t come because that’s all your going too find.

Day two the walking is over and the books brought, new list’s are made old ones added to and everything is the way it should be. I had shoot two videos and a few pictures for those of you who watch them so you can see the world of books and sun shine, In my room my friend bear still asks nothing of me just sit in the sun shine, welcoming me back and pasting no judgement or comment Around me the shops are shutting there doors closeting off worlds of endless ideas and the actions of countless people, I not going too tell you all that I have but I will talk about one of my books is nothing really to look at in fact is been covered in brown paper on the side someone hand wrote SC Chemistry in red block letters, how why if this book is so wholly unremarkable do I now have it will on the first page in maybe the same hand is a date 7th April 1945 and that why the book after that tell me is Chemistry for School Certificate and the author a W. Littler and senator Science Master Hele’s School Exeter both the place and the person I am guessing are no longer around but once again that’s no longer the point. This has been and was used in the teaching of people and now I have it, I think about my school text books made of cheep paper and soft paper covers that now sit at the bottom of a land fill. Then at this book I hold in my hand…
The sun has got beheaded the clouds now and still my friend bear sits there tomorrow night he will welcome some else here to this room or maybe just sit waiting for days but I don’t think so.

End of day three finds me in yet another hotel room but this time with no bear the place looks like an add for the 1970’s Ikea book only someone has filled the bed with cousins (once again I apologies for the spelling I am writing is on my phone) I not going to tell the name of the place that would be some what unfair I only here the one night so I it doesn’t really matter I will just say the name of the town which is Paignton. I have been for a walk to but unlike Hay on Wye here feels too full of people some how I work too of the biggest places in Manchester so I some how should feel fine about it but maybe that’s the point I surround myself with people all the time so I guess that I want too be away from all that, It is restful here in my room as I write this the odd seagull and I not to sure but maybe the train too. Later I will take stills and video of the sea which will at the same address as the river Wye video.


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