No Jacket required – 21/May/2010

Its ten too three Friday afternoon and I sat next too the canal beside the Bridgwater hall and the place is crawling with lost souls all displaced by the heat its always amazed me the amount of people can’t unstained how too dress for it all they do are take layers off and walk around half naked and that’s just the men the women are much worst.
Today I stuck wearing my yellows and I am more than likely going too end up inside a place called ‘The Ritz’s ‘ but unlike the hotel of the same name in Manchester its a club and that’s all know. And why may you ask I am sat here waiting too work at a club I don’t have one clue about well the truth is I don’t know myself, have spent the best part of a year working football matches I now find myself some what at lose end so before the questions about my work ethic start I had too find something too do, That doesn’t mean I have been sat on my ass all this time it just means I have been trying too write, Yes I know it would seem that is all I talk about now but I think its a hell of a lot better that talking bullshit. Ok right then just because I like too be fair let’s take the world cup now this happens every few years (yes I should when it happens but I don’t so there)
Now there is some wonderful bullshit that happens every time one newspaper publish that English shirts and flags are too ban in bars, pubs and clubs and anyone seen wearing them with arrested now as you can tell is this gets most people pissed off, and the whole of facebook lighting up like a Christmas tree with all bandwagon jumping going on. Now here is the truth is whole thing is bullshit anyone with half brain can see it will never happen first off how would stop people you half the country under arrest second most of the bars, clubs and pubs are shutting because of the smoking ban which came in a few years ago so I think they would welcome any kind of money coming in, and its kind the same thing for the people who make the shirts and flags and all the other stuff so there you that why I always end up talking about my book
It now almost half past three the sun has worked its way be hide a cloud most of the people are working there way home of the weekend and yet here I still sit there is a soft wind blowing so I not too hot I love this place it full of all kinds of things so much history I not dark ages I talking about my own life time as I sit on this bench I face what once was the birthplace of dance music and the rave the hacienda (which thanks too nice time line on the back building) opened in 1982 a year after I was born I talked before about Ian Curtis how anyone who knows about the Manchester music seen should know about how a building that is now sadly a block of flats and a car park go together for those who don’t do yourself a favour and watch 24 hour party people or Control there not hard too find then you will understand you may even learn something
People around me are chaining now they are more like kids on a day out from school the men dressed in light pants and thin shirts and the women in long dresses and high heels, Also the odd student jeans and t-shirts with an old beat up bag over one shoulder, office works too now shirt and tie jobs carrying there jackets wearing ID barrages are there necks blinking there eyes as they come in the natural sunlight, I may wear yellow but only when I feel like it. Four a clock now I have been here for an hour and ten minutes now still with no idea of will happen later living on my toes as it were, I could fall into my old ways get high pills and caffeine but too tell u the truth for the first time in weeks I feel real and if it all ends tonight then I know that I will feel happy about it
If you have done thanks for reading and as always I hope you have good day and have good night.

As one half of the city pack away there work for the other begins to plan forming there way are the darkling city around the huge empty and cold office blocks to beating white hot clubs and bars each getting high in there own way.


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