A day in the life

On a Monday would go for a walk but as the weather looks as if it going too rain, I had the idea I would write a little,
So the question becomes what, Having covered the election without coming down on any side I don’t fancy talking about the aftermath as it will take far too long and its for far clever people that me too spent there days So I am going too something haven’t done in a long time read/talk about myself
Around me have pages and pages of my book both hand-written and 94 computer pages each tell the same story using the same words and even the same people but not in the same order, I guess that why its taken me all this time too get this far, Its just me on one else my words my ideas pushed and pulled about too form a believable world for others too read and understand.
I draw on many things from the world around, too keep me going too drive myself forward too end of the page even if I have the page I am working from in front of me, music plays big role most of the time as I work at the computer, it plays in the back ground slow or fast low or high depending on my mod, sometimes even the words of the songs match the worlds on the page
Sorry I have too keep stopping I making tea, so I have too keep going down stairs too check on it…
Ok it been a few hours its now 8.48 p.m. I have eaten and tried too write but I have been stuck watching TV ‘The Gadget Show’ I do have one question why does Suzi Perry always win or come second with the tasks they do, Anyone please help me out.


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