Aftermath part 2 and thank you

It would appear that someone is reading this so I will hold up my end and post the next page.

Man One- So you’re just going too sit there are?

With out taking his eyes from the front of the stage, the first man using his right hand, he picks up the glass and drinks from it.

Man Two – Yep I going too sit here watch you blow your brains out, and then sell my story for a million dollars.

Man One– You’re mad

Man Two- Say’s the man with the gun to his head.

Man One – Very funny now get out!

Man Two- Not before you’re done and you’ve answered a quick question.

The man puts up the gun again, weighs it in his right hand then in his left.

Man One- What do you want first the shot or the question.

Man Two- How much of this bottle have you had and how long is it since you’ve held a gun?

Man One- That’s two questions.

Man Two – So shot me.

The man on the floor puts the gun back down

Man One- Why? What’s that got too do with anything.

He picks up the gun he point just a little way from his left eye.

Man Two- Well first off you’ve left the safely on, second if you aim there all your going too do is end up blinding your self.


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