We’re on the brink

Ok so here I sit once again keyboard in hand trying too thing of something too write and the only thing I can think about is what is going around me the election.
For the first time in a very long time the out come is still very much unknown, over past few weeks we’ve had TV debates, for some people around the world its nothing new but here its.
It like the country has just woke up too the fact there are three main party’s as if the third had been just put together too make up the numbers the strange thing is that even when, people have been shown an third way, they’re still going not vote because they don’t like the other two.
Ok all the parties are clean and many are still wiping the mud off themselves but its like I said the last people what a quick fix, the easy way out. But there aren’t any and never have been (will not in my life time), I guess that’s way its hard for people too understand.
Ok right that’s take the war on terror. Many people think we’re fighting them because on 9 11 someone blew up the twin towers well yes and no the truth is that years before the US were selling the same people weapons so they could push the Russians out of there country and before the nazis, but that’s not were the trouble really started you have too go back too the 12th century for that when the world was being craved up but all exporters, but I am getting off point here you see people don’t see the world they just see too the ends of there noise and sometimes not even that far.
Ok maybe I have given and potted history lesson and miss out one or two things but that’s the point not everyone gets things right were all only human after all.
As I write this I am sat outside Manchester City’s ground all around people start work, I don’t have too yet I have good few hours but it strange over the past few Monday’s have been going for walks with my phone taking still and video images I very luckily that I live not very far from the country side, I not talking about a little park or just a few fields I mean the real thing. I spent the whole of yesterday just walking and today decides a very painful back it all feels some how unreal a mass of steel and concert, then I walk a little far and see the things that came before the stadium the old Victorian factories and the canals I feel more connected too them than the steel that casts its sadden over me now maybe its fact that they used water too power almost everything unlike today were we have moved on.


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