No- man’s land

Ok it may look as if I have been keeping up with the news this week but I haven’t its just I have good timing so here goes,
It will be election time soon, were we get too have our change too have our say about what and which kind government we have in this country. But bet not one of you will vote of if you do it will be for some bullshit or one issue party who can’t even find they backsides with out a map.
That’s not too say the major party’s have any better ideas each taking pot shots at the other in the hope too get your vote, harping on about the middle class and how there more middle class than the other.
But the truth is there not such thing any more and there hasn’t been for some time I not saying that is a bad thing because each generation should be better than the last and we all should have the opportunity too choose
It’s all grey now the line have become harder too see, the left and the right are almost the same thing now its only the mad and over the top people point out, any they are the people who get the votes because people only see what suites them and not what’s under the shiny paper making a kind of no- man’s land each deeply in trenched in their only bullshit and missing the point totally
So take a stand look deeper you have brain in your head and think long term, and not just about yourself.
My point is that I think we should take a stand find a new way of doing things or at the very least vote of something real and no more bullshit

I hope you have a nice day and have good night


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