J. D. Salinger

Books are very powerful, before the internet, way before TV and even newspaper in some cases, books changed the way people saw the world, how they felt about it.
But now the world is made over new every five seconds in the next few days or even weeks it will be made over again by a man with only half an idea, He is going too take an idea which has been pure and simple for 70 years and turn it into more bullshit
So before he does I going too lay the truth down here
In 1951 a book was published called ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ with in the pages was the first teenage anti hero who saw the grown up world for what it was full of bullshit and lies
And its as simple as that telling the truth changing the world, The man who wrote is book was called J. D. Salinger (now I going too brake a rule here) Don’t go looking for him on the internet or anyway else or even try too find anything else that he wrote, Because after ‘Catcher’ he walked away for it all became a real person again – he’d said what he wanted too say and left the world a better place.
So I think we should let it be
On 28 January 2010 J. D. Salinger died he was 91 if you what too understand this man go and read the book if you have already have that read it again you may find something you miss the first time see the world again thought your younger self and draw a line thought the bullshit around you

I hope you all had a good day and have a good night


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