I hope you had day and a happy new year

Here I sit, keyboard in hand turn my face too the screen once again.
I don’t have a clue what too write in two and a bit weeks this year will end yet here I am trying to put together a review of the last 12 months.
A hell of a lot has happen too both me and the world itself, I could put in writing a list of everything but I don’t see the point – Your’ not going too read it all and should know what’s been going on in the world around you even if you get lost in the bullshit now and them and my life is my life.
I could write about the brave new world President Barack Obama is trying too start, the war on terror which rangiest on , the end of buy now pay later society or even the floods which ripped thought the lives of the people in the north England
But all that would mean is pasting judgement of some kind and I don’t want, This time of the year is all reflection seeing what has been and making planes for what will be, what could be and what should be.
I am sure how may of the people out here on the internet have a celebration this time of the year, But that doesn’t matter I hope what even you do makes you happy and feel loved and that next year will do the same

I hope you had day and a happy new year



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