We are all being sold too (b)

People are selling too you all the time, most of you don’t see it or know it.
I don’t mean like you see ads on the TV the internet or even on the side of buses, I mean when someone talks too you or you see someone walking pass you in the street and you both smile it’s a sales pitch
Most of the time… No that not right

Let’s start again, In the last week or two I have noticed that it’s become more about the selling that the buying.
Feeding the ego, and not soul
Did I miss something when did the bullshit of I care about my looks more than

No that still not right

Wait I got it, In the last two days I have had three minutes of real conversation, which wasn’t about the bullshit of reality TV or so called star is screwing who, all trying too sell me more bullshit or selling me on the fact there life is some how better that mine.
I getting a way form the from the point let me get back too the start
I don’t need the pitch I will only buy if I want too

Most of the people I work with in fact all the people- Have too fix on something a girls ass a blokes shoulder whatever you get my point, but I bet you only saw the whatever it was because that’s what they were selling

I know sometimes its nice too dress up too show off a little but when that’s all there is how does that work

I can’t understand no matter how much shiny paper you put a shit it’s still a shit


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