We are all being sold too (a)

People are selling too you all the time you just don’t know it, I don’t mean on the TV the internet or on the side of buses I mean when someone talks at you or you see someone passing you in the street and they smile at you
Its all a sale, But in the last few weeks I noticed that its become more about the selling that the buying, Filling the air with noise, like the ad on the TV just filling in space
Wait a minute I think I can explain a little better I will use Woman (I going too talk about my own idea so don’t like it personally)
Most if not all the man I work with fix on a point when they see a women there ass, legs and breast whatever. But I don’t and that the truth in fact I have hard recalling what most of the women in my life look like. Ok that not truthful there two or three but I don’t kiss and tell.
My point is that its not shiny wrapping or sales pitch it the fine print – the truth behind the bullshit that’s what I go for


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