Question Time for free Speech

I don’t understand you people
Britain is the land of free speech, our government t doesn’t shut down the internet when they don’t like want we too the rest of the world, we can download whatever we when ever. Say what whatever we what to who were and even if someone think about it you all get together and shut them down
And want do I see double standards 100’s of people telling one man too keep hi mouth shut, We all know his a dick head and hand the brain the size of dog shit but come think about free speech sometimes means hearing things we don’t. like
So what do we do simple we kill the idea, walk away we all know if just do that what will be left one man standing alone and without the people listening too his idea what you have left is an ass-hole
For fuck shake people you put him were he is, you made this bed and all you have done is break into the BBC and get pulled around a bit, and now you look like the ass-hole
I said it before and I will say it again you don’t let anyone like get the upper hand over you because they will beat you with.
So get your ass out your ipod and for once in your life doing something meaning full Change the system and don’t look for the quick fix


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