So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

We all have things in our lives which have been there for as long as we remember, always there weather we think about them or not,

Well this time last week I lost one of those links.
My cat I know most think you will think I am being soft but for over 17 years he was always there

Too explain first off there were three cats, who just decided one day too live with us, All three came from the same place, When our neighbours old moved out they left two grey an white cats, one named Shandy and the other Pepper, bother and sister

We feed them a few times and one day they stayed Shandy was the older of the two and Pepper was the younger also she was the smaller., But they both became happy and enjoyed being here.
Now a few years later we had new neighbours move in too had cats, but one of them didn’t want too stay, so bit by bit came too live with us too she was a black fuzzy thing called Sooty

Pepper at first didn’t like her but after a while they all became friends, Shandy would walk around in the back street with other two following like something out a mafia film

It when on like this years until one day Pepper disappeared of a few days, but she came back but something had happen she didn’t want too came in the house she would just sit outside, then one day she was gone, and never came back we searched for days which became into weeks and months but she never saw her again.

Shandy and Sooty still when around together and more years past , Now I should fill you a little I live on a huge main road lots of people pass the house everyday. So Sooty being what she was she would let anyone pat and stroke her.

One day an Old woman picked her up and tried too take her away the first time we stopped her, however the second time we were unable too stop her and Sooty was never seen again just like the last time we searched put up posters all too no avail.

So cut too a few weeks ago Shandy has been on his own now for four years, he showing his age a little but at 17. Until last Tuesday when he was unable too move having filled out like a balloon, Thinking it was worms (He slept in a huge flower pot) I tried too give him a pill but it didn’t take so a few hours later my bother (me being soft sod I am chickened out) took him too the vet.
The Vet found Shandy had fluid on his lungs and end stage cancer in his legs, they was only one thing we could do, He went too sleep

Now you may have read all that and think so what, But it like I said at the start, Those three cats were my links, one of those things that we all call on that no matter how bad life is, someone or something that make us feel better and in the fast moving unreal bullshit world, it nice too have….


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