Troy Kennedy-Martin and Larry Gelbart

Ok were have I been over the last few weeks, Watching TV and wasting time on the internet and trying too work,
I did try too put something up here but not everyone read it So I put something better up here and 3 people saw it, Look it not big but is clever so take sometime and read it
Anyway why am I here too talk about too people, who passed away last month two not many people have heard of because they were both writers of TV and film.

Troy Kennedy-Martin
Larry Gelbart

You may not heard of them but you will know there work if you have seen any kind of TV over the 70 years

Mr Kennedy Martin started out in the 60’s with Z cars (now for those who know Z-cars was like the bill is today only better) then working with John Thaw (Inspector Morse Det. Insp. Jack Regan) gave us the Redcap and The Sweeny, and with out the Sweeny there wouldn’t be Life on Mars
And for anyone still saying I still don’t who your talking about well if you have ever watched The Italian Job (any of them) well him and his bother wrote it so there you are.

Now Mr Gelbart started out5 in the 50’s on US TV now what does a US writer have too do with you may ask will lets see, Mr Gelbart wrote for Bob Hope, Sid Caesar list goes on in 70’s he wrote MASH a 11 year TV show about the Korean War, but just like Mr Kennedy- Martin he when into film and wrote Tootsie staring Dustin Hoffman

So what’s the link between those two people, well nothing really one Brit the other American but I bet they made you changed the way think


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