Aftermath- the play

The following is a play that wrote one year after 9/11 each day I post the rest of it if you read it

INTERIOR A small coffee table with a glass and a bottle of scotch, next to this on the right hand side there is a leather chair. An overhead spotlight lights the chair; the rest of the stage is black.

Sitting crossed legged on the floor with a second glass in his hand there is a man in his 50’s just in front of him is a small automatic hand gun, which he picks picking up and putting down again. Hs has rolled up his sleeves on his shirt he looks like he been sitting there for a long time
An old man in his late 60’s walks on to the stage, he is wearing an US air force admiral’s uniform He sits in the chair then turns, looks at the table, and pours out drink. He takes the glass in both hands he drains the glass he then pours another but this time he puts it on the table.
The man sitting on the floor has been watching this but now he turns back and looks out of the stage for about three minutes not say anything. (As if he was thinking about what to say)

Man One- I was wondering who they would send next, first it was negotiator and a psychotherapist and now you.

The second man looks at the first as if seeing him for the first time.

Man Two- What makes you think I going too stop you, I came too watch that’s all and besides they gave me an hour.

Man One – The therapist tried that reverse psychology I kicked him out.

Man Two- How long have we known each other?

Man One- I say about 25 years it made same kind of sense at one point

Man Two- Right and in all that time have I stopped you from doing what you want.


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