Two things died today

the first one was Edward Kennedy the second was an idea of for TV show, now why should any of that matter too you well too be truthful it people died everyday and a TV show is a TV just a show so no big deal

Wrong !

What I am writing about it way the people on the internet and the bullshit media have chose too cover both stories.

Take the passing of Mr Kennedy who for most people was living history, who didn’t have a real life born into the great Kennedy family pushed and pulled around by a father who wanted nothing more that control everyone and everything around him, Lost three of his brothers too the idealism of the old man and had carry on with their legacy hanging around his neck. So he hide alcohol and pills and it cost a poor girl her life He tried too change the world with really knowing how too or why, he just knew he should, trying too justify himself and the Kennedy. But how can you keep promise too a ghost .

Yet what do I see wave after wave of sad, sick evil people lining up bad mouth him what happed do think kicking a dead man is fun game, All you want too do is put yourself above him make you self dead man, well have news for it doesn’t guys he beyond you.

And too the people who think there better that him or better anybody I have one question ‘What will people say about you dead?” because you memory far longer that you fact

Now the second death and one which welcome with open arms

The end of Big Brother on channel four, a pointless bullshit of a programme which the worst part four and more years has tried too pass itself as entertainment, and for what for, a whole nation too go crazy over when one of them walks around naked or they fuck each other, because that all it was eating, sleeping and fucking and anyone who say other wise is just lying a TV show devoted to feeding the voyeuristic gluttony of anyone too lazy to turn off the TV and open a book or window or even out go outside or plan English just open your eyes too the world around you

For the dumb fucks who didn’t know the term Big Brother comes form a book called 1984 about a world were everything is controlled by the government called Big Brother (which nothing like the one we have not matter what the bullshit says) and a man called Winston Smith as he tries but fails too understand (which a lot more that you do) the world around him

My point is that you people more about seeing someone get fuck that you care about the world around you so don’t come too me when it all taken away by what were disaster you let happen.

Hey by the way just like the book Big brother cost someone they life


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