Ken Stott

Yes I know it’s late Wednesday night but here is the blog

Ken Stott
Was born in 1955 (Kenneth Campbell Stott) is a Scottish actor,

Stott appeared in small roles in BBC series.
His highest-profile television roles have included the leading character, DCI Red Matcalfe, in the BBC crime drama series Messiah (BBC One, 2001-05); DI Chappell in ITV police drama The Vice (1999-2003); as a drunk who fantasises about finding redemption by joining the Salvation Army in Promoted to Glory (ITV,)

In film, he has tended to play mostly supporting parts, such as DI McCall in Shallow Grave Ted in Fever Pitch and Marius Honorius in King Arthur However, he has had occasional starring roles on the big

In 2006 he starred in the detective series Rebus, in ten television adaptations of the Ian Rankin novels

The Falls
Fleshmarket Close
The Black Book
Question of Blood
Strip Jack
Let It Bleed
Resurrection Men
The First Stone
The Naming of the Dead
Knots and Crosses

In November 2007, it was announced that Stott would be portraying comedian Tony Hancock in a BBC4 production entitled ‘Hancock and Joan’, which looks at the comedian’s relationship with the wife of his best friend, and the circumstances leading to his suicide in 1968.

OK that’s all going too tell you about Ken Stott you can look up the rest on your own, It been a very busy week for me and there better places too be that here I may or may not talk about it

So as always Hope you had a good day and have good night


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