This is a extra blog the Ken with happen sometime in the week.
Over the last five days the BBC have shown the third series for a program called Torchwood, about a team of people who save the world ever week from some kind alien encounter, good, bad or whatever.
But this story involved an alien encounter about children and not in a good, I being very careful not too give the plot away for those who haven’t seen it yet so for give me
Now there were two way to end the encounter both involved death, one willing and the other forced, the government in this story chose too follow the latter,
One by one the Torchwood team stood up too stop it, each time they got kicked down
Now the show has ended people have started too ask why each of the main cast did and didn’t do things which they believe would better that what we saw, But my question is the government were willing to do what they did because of what ? they stood a side with there eyes shut
If anything like this happen for real I hope that not everyone shut there eyes


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