the second time around

Mid week blog,
The sky opened and the rain came now everyone is running around upset that sun gone away, Oh well never mind I like watching the sun dry out all the rain.
I have spent the week so far writing and that all going too say about that and why well
There’s a cast, crew and staff of a 210 people who work on the show plus the who ever there at the run thought and sometime they even film the run thought and hell knows you see that, My point it that comedy is less funny the second time around, So no spoilers
Right then that over and done with.
This the part of my blog were I point out people I think you should know about only one this week
Tony Hancock
Anthony John “Tony” Hancock (12 May 1924 – 24 June 1968) was a popular British actor and comedian who started out on radio working with Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, (now they are two of the worlds best writers) the show was called Hancock’s Half Hour and when it went too TV it was Hancock, which were all black and white with out sound like a TV ad most of them are now CD and DVD.
Last year there was BBC Four drama with Ken Stott (DI John Rebus who I will talk about week) playing Tony
With all this bad weather go and get a DVD called The Rebel it will give you half an idea how good he was.

So as always I hope you had a nice day and have good night


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