pioneers and trailblazers

So the world went mad last week, over some poor sod, who spent his 40 years on this earth trying too keep too many people happy and forgetting about himself.

Rule One- You have too love and understand yourself before other can love you.

People have called he a pioneer and a trailblazer, But I am not sure, told you about Alan Turing (which no one read) last week now he was a real pioneer not because of money a fame but just because he could and sometimes had too.

Using that idea I have come up with another one this time from the music world, His name was and still is Isaac Hayes now he was American singer-songwriter and musician. He was one of the main creative forces behind southern soul music, He stood over and above all the bullshit he wrote so may song

Believe me you will know more that you think, he even helped our friend you left us on Sunday, I want you find out about him hear his music let it open your eyes and same way are remembering MJ just try too see what came before him and who learned off you will be very surprised

So that’s want I think anyway, If have been thank you for reading


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