Hang on tightly… let go lightly,

It’s Saturday night, the end of a strange week, I am taking time out from my book too write my blog, from one set of words too another both or which feel more and more that than the work I do now,
I have done three events at the arena over the last two week and not one felt the same as it once did, like some how I was playing a role, like being a very bad stand-up, putting on a role but even that’s becoming something I don’t like the last few gigs at work I have been two people I can feel it one minute I am me the next second I am ‘martyn’ the pain in the ass with the bad jokes the whole bit. I guess I have only just noticed because
Hang on tightly… let go lightly, I found myself say that all the way thought work the other night, it comes from a film called Croupier (as way always I not going too tell you about it you should the rules by now) I can’t help but somehow…
No that’s not right…
I go too the arena web pages, the ones with list of events on it and don’t feel there just words dates and names nothing more, nothing thing less. At one time I would look forward too the work or feel pissed off I have too go in but now nothing just empty…
Don’t ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies


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