Bullshit over and over…

Walking around Manchester this week I couldn’t help but notice the…

I trying too think of a way too write something profound here but all I can think about is amount pf bullshit that is going on at the minute.
I walked around Manchester on Wednesday afternoon on my way too work and the amount of people who were carrying shopping bags full of crap was over welling, What pisses me off it’s the same kind of people you see two or three days later going too the post office or the bank with there hands out asking the government for more money.
I not talking about people who have come over from other countries or the people who have in someway for the money they given (that’s another augment for another day) I talking about the assholes who think that all they have too do is hold out there hands out and someone will give them something. Without question, they think this by buying this carp somehow gives them respect.
It’s like the lads who walk around in gangs they think because they think there’s more of them they will given more.
Respect is something that has too given feely not out fear it can’t be brought, it just can’t because what is then just more bullshit.

It’s now 11:10 pm I stood outside the MEN waiting for my lift around me are 30-35 people waiting for…(I not going too tell you who because I not sure who reading this) who left even before me, there are two groups each working out what’s happing every time a tuck pulls in the gates.
What’s the point ?
They put themselves out for an artist who don’t even know they exist let alone have spent they hard cash on standing out in the cold,
There’s another truck pulling in and there running back toward the gate, it’s like watching sheep, now there shouting too keep awake not of them use their brains and just go home.

It’s getting cold now so I will be home soon away from all this for another week.


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