Mid Week

Thank you for reading the blog even when there’s nothing here,

Why ? because I went too work two days for making sure people around the arena were all happy and sat down for when the show started.

With my bad and the very short notes I made on the wipe board I hard too remember what I was going too write so I only have two things talk about

Move on if you haven’t seen the film as I going too talk about the ending.

At the end the film we are left standing at a cross roads, that’s what I felt like last week.
We all follow many paths, some we make our self’s others that are made for us, all trying too work out how best too beat the other people around us but what the point, take your time and slowly look around life is fun make sure you enjoy it.

Clone Towns
At the minute the place were is in the middle of rebuilding it’s all glass and steel, they have even knocked down some nice looking old buildings but they some how left up a very bad very loud club which takes less money that the shops in the buildings they knocked down.
When they’re have done it will look like a clone town, the real question is how can they carry on when all over the country other building schemes are being shut down

That’s it for now some time this week I will try and put in the missing parts so like I always say Hope you all had a good day and have good night.


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