End of the week -29/05/09


This the end of the week so here I am, too talk and too welcome my new viewers, readers and who  (if in fact that is what they are)  So welcome

As I sit there it’s 8:00 pm and I moving thought the many TV channels find something too watch so far no real luck just re runs (sorry I can’t the other word) clone shows or news the good TV only starts later well that my idea anyway. Why do TV ads have too louder that the program I watch or is just me it’s as if they have become inpronant (I know the spelling is wrong but the spelling thing on here is crap)  that the show…

OK that’s my only moan about life today it’s been a wonderful day today the  weather is getting better but … there I again about too shout my mouth  so before I do good night and as alway hope you had a good day and have good night


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