The end of the week

Ok the end of the week,

I spent most of my time writing now having g this book idea in my head, I a lot people ask me about, It’s hard too put it in a box so people  can understand the simple two word line is that is about the killing of a girl in Manchester but there is more too that, so you will just have to wait until is done.

Work, like I said work in Manchester at the MEN arena and at the blue side of the city (I not explaining everything you have too go a find out, I am not God I don’t have all the answers) is fun a job you meet a lot nice people and so  not so nice (at one point I will talk about then all)

I having spent all this time at work I don’t have lot talk so please back soon

and like the man on TV say’s

Hope you all had good day and have a good night


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